Hi! Welcome to my little slice of the internet.

I’m Nozomi. I write stuff. Sometimes, I write good stuff.

I created this space to post everything I write that doesn’t get snapped up in a book; which is to say, almost everything I write.

Why post it here?

Good question! There’s three reasons.

  1. I want to make sure the big stories I want to tell aren’t locked behind a price tag.
  2. I don’t want my stuff to sit under the umbrella of a third party like Wattpad or AO3. Kudos to what they do, but I want to make sure that my content is under my full control.
  3. Because I’m posting it for free online, I will post it here so you know it’s me. If it’s posted anywhere else, it’s not me, and I don’t endorse what’s being done with it.

That doesn’t mean that everything on here is going to be a “big story”, nor does it mean that I’m not going to publish works in books. Sometimes I’ll post trash, and sometimes I’ll get bits stuck in books.

What’s important is that, by and large, here is where you’ll find it.

Enjoy your stay.

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